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Boeing reveals new avionics capability

Sept. 17, 2014, St. Louis, Mo. - Boeing has unveiled a new Multi-platform Avionics Test System (BMATS) at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 50th annual AUTOTEST tradeshow in St. Louis.

September 17, 2014  By Stacy Bradshaw

BMATS enables customers to repair and confirm the operational status of complex electronics for a wide range of Boeing and non-Boeing weapons systems. Historically, these types of test systems have been designed to support a single platform or limited group of platforms. BMATS is equipped with commercial technology that satisfies a diverse set of requirements from all branches of the military and results in a common test platform which is more affordable and efficient than multiple, specialized solutions.

“This new technology is expected to reduce repair turnaround times on electronics systems and lead to significant costs savings for customers,” said Chris Clendenin, director of Boeing’s Support Equipment Systems & Services. “The first delivery of BMATS will be to the new Boeing Avionics Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility in Yeongcheon, Korea, an electronics support center for F-15K fighter jets at Daegu Air Force Base, early next year.”

Other innovative technologies on display in the Boeing booth are the Reconfigurable Transportable Consolidated Automated Support System Depot, which is used to preform depot-level maintenance on avionics, and the Next Generation-Operations Management Software, which enables net-centric maintenance and data analytics to optimize sustainment operations by reducing repair times, improving diagnostic accuracy and minimizing logistics investment..

“Boeing is dedicated to developing innovative services and support solutions for our customers,” said Clendenin. “AUTOTEST is the perfect venue for demonstrating how we can help customers save time and money and improve their overall effectiveness.”



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