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JETNET to reveal new market forecast at NBAA

Sept. 29, 2014, Utica, N.Y. - JETNET LLC will demonstrate their latest aircraft research offerings at NBAA2014 in Orlando, Florida. JETNET highlights include a new release of their flagship Evolution product, a “revolutionary” new sales and prospecting management tool for aircraft sales professionals. They will present their full range of software products and services, including live demonstrations, at the National Business Aviation Association event. This year’s NBAA runs October 21st-23rd, and JETNET will be in booth 1099.

September 29, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

“We’re breaking new ground in our latest product and service line-up,” said Vincent Esposito, JETNET President. “These introductions provide information and state-of-the-art tools to professionals in every segment of the aviation market. We want to make your work easier and more profitable.”

JETNET will present a major new release of their popular JETNET Evolution Marketplace service. Changes and upgrades include an improved data export module, a new folder management feature, new user analytics functions to gauge how often your aircraft is being viewed on JETNET, and account administrator tools to oversee those with access to your JETNET account. JETNET’s flagship Evolution software suite features an intuitive and customizable graphical user interface so subscribers can view charts, tables and selective information, depending on their needs. While the flow and function of the new interface is similar to that of the current program—meaning no learning hurdle for the upgraded user—a fresh and more refined appearance is immediately evident in the new Evolution. “Form and function have always been important to us”, said Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Vice President of Sales, “and we really wanted to excel in both with this new interface. The new Evolution truly offers great utility and a sophisticated look. We think our customers are going to love it.”

At NBAA2014 JETNET will debut the new JETNET Marketplace Manager product for aviation sales professionals. A CRM (Customer Resource Manager) and much more, Marketplace Manager is offered as a complement to the Evolution interface, to exponentially boost the utility one can make of the vast JETNET aircraft database and market intelligence it contains. “It’s revolutionary in that it offers the aircraft salesperson a suite of clever and convenient tools to manage their sales prospects, and a way to be very precisely targeted in their sales efforts,” said Josh Pitts, JETNET Director of Sales for the USA. Marketplace Manager harnesses the JETNET database of 100,000+ aircraft, along with their owners and operators. Contact management and lead generation tools are designed to streamline the efforts of salespeople to more quickly identify prospects and complete deals. The most recent addition is the Market Value tool, which gives sales professionals and appraisers the ability to easily and accurately gain insight into the market value of an aircraft. “And the lead generator is the first of its kind,” added Pitts. “We’re giving aircraft dealers and brokers capabilities they couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.”

JETNET employs a full-time staff of research specialists who contact aircraft owners, operators, dealers, brokers, financiers, OEMs, and industry professionals around the world each business day. They make real-time updates to the most comprehensive database of its kind.


Among JETNET’s clientele are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and government and advocacy groups for business and commercial aviation worldwide. As of 2014, JETNET’s database of in-operation aircraft exceeded 100,000 airframes, which includes business jets, business turboprops, commercial airliners (both jets and turboprops), and helicopters (both turbine and piston).

“Since 1988 we’ve built a reputation for reliable information and discerning market intelligence,” said Diane Levine Wilson, JETNET Director of Product Development. “We strive to speak directly to those who are most ‘hands-on’ knowledgeable about specific aircraft, insuring the credibility of the data we gather. Our clientele rely on us for comprehensive, accurate information, relayed to them as expeditiously as possible. That is the credo of JETNET, and all our efforts revolve around that goal.”

“For more than twenty-five years we’ve built a reputation for reliable information and exclusive market intelligence,” said Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Vice President of Sales, “and we’ve only expanded our information-gathering capability. We’re always gathering original information directly from sources who work with or own aircraft. Once we review and confirm all the data for accuracy and completeness, we add it to the JETNET database for instantaneous access by our clientele, a network of aviation professionals around the globe.”

The JETNET database includes comprehensive details on aircraft airframes, engines, avionics and cabin amenities, as well as aircraft owners and operators, lessors and lessees, fractional owners and a host of other entities associated with aircraft. Also included are transaction histories on aircraft dating back more than 25 years, monthly aircraft market summary reports, and a variety of other tools for accessing the global fleet and market on aircraft.

“We’re giving aviation professionals an unprecedented opportunity,” added Esposito. “We continue to create new ways to improve our services and take advantage of new technologies and opportunities, so our customers can prosper as our industry changes.”

JETNET is inviting NBAA2014 attendees to learn more about their products and services at booth 1099 at this year’s show.


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