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30 years and still going strong

Sept. 1, 2009 – This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Geneseo airshow and as per the previous ones, it was again a great success.

September 1, 2009  By Administrator

Sept. 1, 2009 – This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Geneseo airshow and as per the previous ones, it was again a great success. My first visit to Geneseo dates back to in 1987 and ever since I was hooked on the event not only for the incredible flying they put on, but to way the people of Geneseo and the 1941 Historical Air Group Museum personnel greets you upon your arrival.

Two of the American Air Power finest over Geneseo, NY.


I was so impressed with their kindness and down to earth attitude, I started spreading the word on this event to all my aviation friends. Every year, I make the trip to Livingston county and join all my aviation comrades and aviation enthusiast. Like a big family reunion, we all have the same common goal to share our passion with each other along with the pilots. There is no other place that provides you this kind of pleasure. In a relax atmosphere and the beautiful surrounding of the Geneseo valley. Then you add the incredible flying display HAG puts on every year, it is pure magic. This year’s event featured the navy aircraft and HAG assembled a line up would any other airshows.

1941 Historical Air Group
Museum’s Beech C-45.
Tom Huf’s Cessna Bobcat
resting after a day of flying.



History of HAG
The 1941 Aircraft Group was established in 1994 with the primary goal of the Group was to continue with the traditional air show based held on the turf strip at the Geneseo airport and to highlight the aircraft of the past with a focus on World War II aviation.
In the spring of 2001, the Group was granted a Provisional Museum Charter by the New York State Board of Regents. The group's Board of Trustees was increased to five members and our name was officially changed to the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum, Inc.

The Airshow

Dominating the flight line for this year for the 2009 theme were legendary naval aircraft such as the Canadian Warplane Heritage’s PBY Canso, Dave Tinker’s TBM Avenger flown by Glen Goldman, the Commemorate Air Force had brought their F6F Hellcat and the only flying SB2C Helldiver in the world, Sandy Thomson’s Hawker Seafury, Mike Gillian’s FM-2 Wildcat  was mixed in with three beautiful Corsairs. Two Goodyear’s FG-1 Corsair from Fighter Factory based out of Virginia beach and the other from American Airpower Museum. Joining them was the Chance Vought F4U-5NL from the Collings Foundation. This one was flown throughout the weekend by Dale Snodgrass and he put on an incredible display and especially low flybys not only the Corsair but also in Warbirds of Long Island’s  P-51D Mustang.

Other warbird included the very rare B-25D Mitchell from the American Airpower Museum,  the Spirit of Freedom’ C-54 from the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, Cessna Bobcat from Tom Huf, DC-3 from Bill Dahler, HAG own’s  C-47 and C-45 , the B-17 from the movie “Memphis Belle”and large amount of trainers and liaison aircraft such as T-6s,  Stearman biplanes, from Mascouche, Quebec my friend Olivier Lacombe ‘s  FW-149, and several L-birds.

Civilian acts provided some acrobatic between warbird sequence such as Rob Holland , Jerry Wells with his Bucker Jungmeister, Pitts special and Manfred Radius with his glider.

One of the highlights of the show,
the USAF Heritage Flight.
Sunset at Geneseo always gives
you incredible photo opportunity,
HAG’s C-47  in the foreground
while a TBM Avenger buzzed the


Military presence consisted with the US Army Chinook, C-130 Hercules which participates every year and the USAF F-15 Strike Eagle and the Heritage Flight with the P-51 which put on an incredible flying display. The USAF Heritage flight always provide the crowd present at show an emotional flyby. Same goes to the salute to the veterans with the missing men formation performed by  the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association This is another great aerial display that is so deserving for these men and women of all countries to get and to show our gratitude, hats off the 1941 HAG.

Other annual acts which provided  a superb performance are the WWI  airplanes from the Great War Museum and the Canadian Harvard acrobatic team  I have seen them often, but they seemed to be getting better and better trough out the years.
There is nothing better than to see three beautifully restored yellow Harvards doing their routine against a nice blue sky

Of course the highlight of the weekend were the WWII fighters and bombers. Staggered in different schedule, the F6F Hellcat, FM-2 Wildcat and the SB2C Helldiver strutted their stuff followed by the PBY Canso and the TBM Avenger. It is Midway all over again.
The B-25 Mitchell and it’s  escort, the P-51 Mustang buzzing the airport while three Navy Corsairs were provides top cover. Only to break off in individual flybys.
On Sunday Dan Dameo and Dale Snodgrass performance very smooth acrobatic routine and showed how elegant the Corsair is the air.

Before you know it is time to say goodbye , this is the saddest moment of the weekend.

The Commemorate Air Force
brought their F6F Hellcat all
the way from California to attend
this year’s show.

Myself involved in producing aviation activities in Canada’s National Capital region  and know how much work is required to provide a very warm and relaxing event.
There is no doubt that Geneseo airshow is the greatest show on turf, not only for the good flying display HAG puts on every year, but also the special greetings and relationship you have with all aviation buff gathered though out the weekend.

For a reasonable entrance fee, no other place gives you more for your money than Geneseo airshow as flying starts at 10:00 and ends around 4:00-4:30.  That is beside the flying prior and before the show, since they are usually one or several aircraft for pleasure or photo shoot for the media.

Please mark your calendar for the 2010 event, once you taste the warm atmosphere of Geneseo airshow, you will be back every year, guarantee it.

I will like to thank Graham,  Michael Raftus, Greg and Anna Wadsworth pilot of the C-45, John Beart, Dan Dameo Corsair pilot and Jim Vocell B-25 pilot from setting up the air to air flight.
Also all the volunteers, pilots and friends to make this year an incredible weekend.

Keep them flying
Michel Côté

All Photos courtesy of Michel Côté. To view a complete gallery of these photos please visit our Wings Photo Gallery:
30 Years and still going strong.


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