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Skyservice STC for Aviation Clean Air installation on Challenger, Global jets

August 10, 2020  By Wings Staff

Skyservice Business Aviation today announced that its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul division received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from Transport Canada for the installation of Aviation Clean Air’s purification system inside Bombardier’s Challenger 300/350 and Global 5000/5500/6000/6500 aircraft.

Skyservice becomes dealer, installer for Aviation Clean Air

The airborne and surface purification solutions developed by Aviation Clean Air (ACA) are designed to improve air quality throughout the aircraft, eliminating pathogens like COVID-19, removing allergens and destroying unpleasant odours without the use of harmful chemicals.

“Taking a team approach, we worked collaboratively with ACA to develop a successful, high-quality, installation design that was approved by Transport Canada,” said Paul Weeks, VP of maintenance, Skyservice. “Working with Transport Canada and our expertise in Bombardier business aircraft resulted in a successful approval for the products installation, and ultimately brings one of the best clean air purification and decontamination products into Canada.”


Skyservice explains it takes approximately two to five days to install ACA’s airborne ionization product, with costs based on the number of units needed per size of aircraft. The company also notes the units have minimal maintenance requirements.

“Skyservice is thrilled to add this STC to install ACA purification and sanitization solutions on two of the world’s leading aircraft lines,” said Emlyn David, president and CEO, Skyservice. “We are proud to be part of this commitment to innovation which we believe helps to address the health and safety concerns aircraft owners are voicing when considering to fly.”


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