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Aéro Montréal reiterates the importance of F-35 purchase

Jan. 24, 2011, Montreal - While the Official Opposition launches a new television ad campaign that calls into question the Canadian Government's decision to acquire 65 F-35 fighter jets for the Canadian Forces, Aéro Montréal reiterates the importance of the F-35 program for Québec's aerospace cluster and supports the acquisition of this 5th generation of Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) jets by the federal government.

January 24, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

This unprecedented program – based on a partnership among nine nations, of which Canada has been a member since 1997 – will generate significant economic benefits and create wealth for Canada and Québec.

"The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft is a key program in which our industry is heavily involved," says Suzanne M. Benoît, CEO of Aéro Montréal. "The JSF program opens unprecedented opportunities for Canadian companies. We will be able to secure a place among first and second tier suppliers in the global supply chain, generating benefits and jobs for the next 30 years."

"Québec has a substantial and world-class industrial capacity and is the main centre for Canada's aerospace industry," concludes Ms. Benoît. "Québec companies are well equipped to compete for lucrative contracts and want the chance to do so. The 24 months window of opportunity is open and we must position ourselves to become part of this supply chain starting now."

Currently, over 85 Canadian companies have recognized prospects under the JSF program, and 60 of these companies have already signed contracts. These figures should increase between now and the start of full JSF production in 2015. Opportunities should benefit small, medium and large companies across Canada and Québec.


However, to maximize the benefits of this decision for the industry, we need a stable environment. That's why Aéro Montréal supports the federal government's decision to proceed with the purchase of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets. By working together, we can protect and create thousands of high-quality and well paid jobs that will be available for future generations.


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