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AAR adds enhanced rotary actuator component testing capabilities

Nov. 20, 2013, Garden City, N.Y. - AAR has implemented a Bauer Inc. Rotary Actuator Component Test System capable of evaluating a wider range of commercial and military hydraulic and electric actuation products installed on next-generation aircraft.

November 20, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

The new technology enables AAR to replicate demands, loads, cycles, and motions specified in testing requirements for a variety of actuators in current and next-generation engines and fleets.

The system’s dynamic, modular design allows testing of components that integrate with a variety of flight control and structural systems, from door actuators through major flight surfaces such as flaps, spoilers, and ailerons. The technology ensures that AAR can support the next generation of 787s, A350s, and other platforms.

The new rotary actuator system testing capability is part of a broad range of component repair, overhaul, and exchange services offered by AAR through its Aircraft Component Services facilities in New York and Amsterdam.

“The system represents the state-of-the art in our industry,” said Pastor Lopez, vice president, aircraft components and landing gear services. “It builds upon current capabilities to ensure we remain a leading provider of accessory component MRO services and provides an entry point into next-generation flight controls. We’re excited about the services we can offer with this leading-edge system from Bauer.”


AAR’s wide variety of aviation services includes aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul and supply chain capabilities for commercial airlines, defense agencies, and OEMs. AAR Aircraft Component Services has been recognized for excellence by Boeing and as an “Outstanding Source of Repair” by NATO for component repair services.


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