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ACPA supports Garneau’s efforts to combat laser strikes

The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) lauds Minister of Transport Marc Garneau's efforts aimed at drawing greater attention to the danger posed by anyone who targets an aircraft with lasers.

May 27, 2016  By Air Canada Pilots Association

“We strongly support all efforts — by the Minister of Transport and police departments across the country — to reduce and ultimately eliminate the risk posed by lasers pointed at aircraft,” said captain Ed Bunoza, chair of ACPA’s Flight Safety Division.

The greatest danger posed to pilots — and by extension, to passengers and the general public near airports — is when a laser is pointed at an aircraft at the most critical phases of flight, either taking off or landing.

“An aircraft on final approach at 1000 feet has less than one minute before it reaches the threshold of the runway and touches down. For one or both pilots to be temporarily blinded at this critical phase of flight is our biggest concern,” noted Bunoza. “But over the longer term, our pilots are also worried that being exposed to such a laser strike might lead to vision impairment or damage that could effectively prevent them from pursuing their career.”

ACPA strongly supports applying the maximum penalties to offenders — including fines and jail time — given the serious risk to pilots and public safety posed by such a malicious act.



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