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Advent Aerospace’s Jormac Division celebrates 20 year anniversary

Jormac Aerospace, a division ofAdvent Aerospace, is celebrating 20 years of serving business and corporate aviation operators and completion centers from around the world. Launched on September 30th, 1995 by founders Steve Jourdenais and Mike McAllister, the company has grown into one of the premier providers of components and systems for VVIP business and wide-body aircraft.

September 28, 2015  By Advent Aerospace

The company began operations as a two-man startup, doing stress analysis for aircraft modifications. With Jourdenais and McAllister working out of their respective homes, often meeting at a gas station mid-way between each to exchange paperwork, the company’s most consistent work involved passenger-to-cargo conversions of Boeing 727 aircraft.

The advent of the Boeing BBJ proved to be a turning point for the company, when Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems (CTAS) hired the company to do all of its stress analysis for its BBJ projects. From there, CTAS contracted Jormac to design the modifications, in addition to doing the stress analysis, and soon after to build them. Since then, Jormac has worked on 96 BBJ aircraft completions – providing 58 of those aircraft with VIP headliner systems.

In 2006, the company was purchased by Yankee Pacific, LLC, a New Hampshire-based investment firm specialised in development of aviation-related businesses. Operating as a division of Yankee Pacific Aerospace (YPA), Jormac completed its tranistion from a 100% engineering services company to 100% engineering products.

Now, as a division of Advent Aerospace (formerly YPA), Jormac employs almost 100 engineers and craftsmen at its facility in Largo, Forida. The company provides engineering production and aircraft systems products for VIP and VVIP aircraft, from flight-critical-primary to secondary, non-structural interior components, including cabin headliners, bin systems, floor support structures, seat tracks and components, cabinet installation hardware, galley and vanity countertop, VIP aircraft showers, panel latches and ECS hardware.


“We are extremely proud to have reached twenty years in this exciting business. Our people are the heart of our success, and our customers are the beneficiaries of their total commitment,” said Steve Jourdenais, now president of Jormac’s parent company, Advent Aerospace. “The synergies we’ve established between Jormac and our other division, Cabin Innovations, are allowing us to offer the highest quality and commitment in this competitive marketplace. We all look forward to our company’s next 20 years.”


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