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AEM announces ownership change

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) has announced the company's purchase by SMS Canada Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Structural Monitoring Systems plc (SMS), of Australia. SMS Canada Corp. brings added financial strength and institutional investor backing to Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.

February 27, 2018  By Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing

AEM and SMS have partnered over the past four and a half years in the development, production, and certification of SMS’s Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technology, which was recently approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing. Delta Air Lines has adopted the SHM technology for a variety of planned applications across their fleet.

Dave Veitch, AEM’s founder and former company President, will stay on for one year in a transitional role. Ray Lewis, former partner and VP of Business Development, has committed to continue in his role for a minimum of two years. Brian Wall, formerly VP of Operations with AEM, has taken on the position of General Manager. “In all other respects, we will leave it to the local AEM team to manage the business,” says SMS Executive Director, Will Rouse.

“The purchase of AEM by SMS was strategic to SMS’s future and made sense to AEM,” said Dave Veitch. Ray Lewis added, “It will be business as usual for our customers worldwide. SMS is fully supportive of AEM’s current projects and business activity, encouraging growth through new business opportunities, new product development, and acquisition where it makes sense to do so.”



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