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AEM continues to grow NAT products list

June 3, 2011, Kelowna, B.C. - AEM Corp, in cooperation with Cobham Aerospace Communications,
is now offering even more NAT products due to the License Agreement the two companies signed
in December 2010 which they continue to build upon.

June 3, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

“Ongoing communications with our customers continues to reveal there is demand for a variety of
the unique legacy NAT products,” says Dave Veitch, President of AEM. “Although the number of
products needed is typically small, it is something we can usually accommodate in our manufacturing environment. This provides us with a way to connect with each customer and build a relationship.”

AEM Corp’s licensing agreement for the various NAT products makes them the only source for many
of these items. “Sales remain strong and are growing, and we are pleased to have our Distributors
and Dealers supporting us in all that we have undertaken,” says Veitch.


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