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Aéro Montréal supports lifting of sanctions against Iran

Aéro Montréal, Québec's aerospace cluster, fully supports the possible lifting of sanctions against Iran by the federal government. This measure would be highly beneficial for key players in the Québec aerospace industry as well as for the entire supply chain.

January 28, 2016  By Aéro Montréal

“Iran is a major potential market for aviation with a fleet renewal of nearly 400 aircraft over the next 20 years, representing a market of nearly $20 billion,” explains Suzanne Benoît, president of Aéro Montréal. “The geographical location of Tehran, close to Europe and Asia, will make it a true hub for air traffic and an increasing number of airlines will want to invest there. With the number of international passengers doubling in more than 10 years, Iran has become an essential player for aircraft manufacturers who wish to invest in the country. Sanctions should be lifted as soon as possible if we want to compete with manufacturers such as Airbus, which is already establishing business relations with Iran.”

Bombardier, as well as SMEs who work for this prime contractor, will be directly affected by the lifting of sanctions since it would open a significant market for the Québec manufacturer. The number of medium-range aircraft with 100 to 150 seats that Iran needs to purchase is sizeable.

In addition, the lifting of sanctions would also have an impact on all players in the Québec aerospace sector, including aircraft and engine manufacturers, training suppliers, structures developers and sub-assemblers. Québec has more than 200 SMEs specializing in aerospace. An opening of the Iranian market would benefit the province’s overall  economy and further the development of our companies.



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