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AERO Specialties becomes exclusive distributor for Jet Go International

jetgoApril 9, 2009 – AERO Specialties has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Jet Go International, an Australian manufacturer of unique aircraft ground power units.

April 9, 2009  By Administrator


AERO Specialties has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Jet Go International, an Australian manufacturer of unique aircraft ground power units. Jet Go’s newest product, the 550M diesel-powered 28-volt GPU, recently made its debut at the Aviation Industry Week expo in Las Vegas. 
Packaged in a striking fiberglass shell, the Jet Go 550M is extremely compact and easily maneuverable by hand, but also can be towed with a tug. Combining a small (34hp, Tier 4/Euro stage IIIA) diesel engine and batteries, the unit offers 550 continuous amps of 28.5-volt DC power with peak starting amperage of over 1500. At a typical load rating of 40% the 550M consumes less than one gallon of fuel per hour, making it the greenest fuel-burning GPU on the market. The 550M is also one of the safest and most ergonomically designed GSE products available, offering sophisticated aircraft protections, a user-friendly control panel, and a narrow, very low profile for ease of use on a tight ramp. 
“The 550M is a revolutionary GPU,” said Matt Sheehan, president of AERO Specialties. “Its high-end features and compact size, combined with the extremely reasonable price point, make it the perfect GPU for a mid-sized FBO and every corporate flight department,” Sheehan added. “Its cost of ownership is unbeatable, and its full access flip-up lid make it the easiest GPU to maintain that I’ve ever seen.”
“We designed the 550M from the ground up specifically for medium-sized FBOs and corporate operators,” stated Rod Gray, president of Jet Go. “The 550M is not intended to compete directly with the TLD and Hobart diesel GPUs. It’s compact size and small engine – big advantages for the smaller user – might not be ideal for heavy industrial operations like airlines or the busiest FBOs.” 
Responses from users have been wholly positive, with particular attention to the 550M’s performance. “We got a great start from both aircraft when we used the Jet Go 550 GPU,” said Captain James Nofil (Cessna Citation 500 and Citation II). “Engine temps stayed low with no initial lag or voltage drop-off associated with some other GPUs that we have used. Congratulations on a great product.” 

The 550M will soon be CE compliant, making it an ideal GPU for the business aircraft market in Europe. “The size and features – and low price – of this GPU make it the answer for the ground power conundrum at many smaller FBOs,” said Bob McMichael, vice president of AERO Specialties. “Many FBOs that couldn’t afford a reliable or powerful enough GPU to service their customers can now use the 550M to market themselves as a full-service FBO, and augment their ramp service revenue by charging for starts and static power,” McMichael added. 
ABOUT AERO Specialties:
A one-stop GSE shop, AERO Specialties provides new and used aircraft ground support equipment to general and commercial aviation customers worldwide.  We manufacture lavatory, potable water, cleaning, and oxygen/nitrogen servicing carts, as well as aircraft towbars. We are authorized distributors of other major GSE manufacturers, such as Eagle Tugs, TLD, Unitron, Jet Go, Tug Technologies, WASP, Clyde, Stinar, and others.  And we refurbish all types of GSE. Our secure online store provides customers with GSE and parts 24/7.



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