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AeroMechanical Services celebrates AFIRS milestone

March 19, 2012, Calgary - AeroMechanical Services Ltd, operating under its FLYHT™ brand name, says its customers have logged one million flight hours of real-time flight analysis using the Automated Flight Information Reporting System ("AFIRS").

March 19, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

AFIRS has many features and while airborne, monitors aircraft systems and sends data to the ground, including engine trending, airframe and engine exceedances, Out, Off, On and In times, in addition to providing satellite voice and data communications.

“One of FLYHT’s measures of success is the number of flight hours of service provided to customers, so this is a major milestone,” remarked Bill Tempany, president and CEO of AeroMechanical Services. “We want to thank our many customers for their loyalty and assistance in making our services what they are today. We will continue to support them to improve their efficiency, profitability and safety through existing products and the introduction of new technologies.”

The company has tracked the flight hours of AFIRS units since the technology’s commercial inception in 2005. The flight hours have increased over the past seven years, as FLYHT has signed more customers and its customer base grows. The flight hours also demonstrate the robustness and longevity of the AFIRS technology.

AFIRS is currently used by 36 operators, based in 20 countries on all seven continents. Overall, AFIRS is certified on 17 aircraft types, encompassing 30 models, including business, commercial, and military jets. AFIRS’ services support commercial, cargo, regional, humanitarian, charter and military operations.


FLYHT has made improvements in the technology by listening to customer feedback and incorporating those changes to create a more successful product. The next generation AFIRS 228 is the company’s response to industry demand for a flexible product that is Future ReadyTM. The AFIRS 228 is a modular, flexible solution designed to meet the growing requirements of each customer’s unique operations.

One million flight hours are equivalent to flying a commercial jet around the world twenty thousand times.


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