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AeroMechanical Services signs AFIRS contract

June 28, 2011, Calgary - AeroMechanical Services Ltd., through its FLYHT brand, has signed a contract for its next generation product, the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (“AFIRSTM”) 228.

June 28, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The contract is for installation and integration on two Bombardier CRJ-900 Series aircraft, with an option for two more in the future, owned by a North American company that operates in remote regions of the continent. The customer will use AFIRS 228 functionality for flight following and satellite communications to enable operations personnel to pinpoint aircraft location and communicate with pilots anywhere the aircraft flies.

The customer also intends to utilize FLYHT’s real-time engine exceedance reporting and trending that immediately notifies maintenance crews of performance irregularities. The reports from the AFIRS system offer many benefits for maintenance and operations.

“We are very pleased to sign up the first Bombardier aircraft to use the 228 technology,” said Bill Tempany, Chairman and CEO of AMA.

The AFIRS 228 is an improvement from the 220 in several areas including processing capacity, data transmission characteristics and programmability. The next generation unit has more inputs and outputs, allowing air carriers to process and analyze more data at a faster rate. The AFIRS 228 is designed as a versatile platform that caters to the changing needs and demands of airlines. In addition, the new unit will meet the needs of the new air traffic control regimes in North American and Europe, coming into effect in the next few years.


“The customer is integrating the AFIRS 228 with other systems, including its safety management system, required by regulatory agencies. Clients rely on their aircraft and their aim is to use the AFIRS system to make operations more efficient, reduce costs, avoid diversions and minimize downtime.”


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