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aerox® Provides High Flow Oxygen Solutions

oxygenApril 6, 2009 – At sea level, the atmosphere contains 21% oxygen. As you go up in altitude, (ambient pressure, and therefore the partial pressure of ambient oxygen, decreases), requiring the use of supplemental Oxygen.

April 6, 2009  By Administrator


Historically, aircraft operators requiring high oxygen flow rates have
had few choices in regulators, and those choices came with long
delivery lead times. To solve the problem aerox® designed and added the
High Flow Remote Regulator to its regulator line-up, stocked and ready
for immediate delivery.

When asked why aerox® designed the High Flow Remote Regulator, Lloyd
Boston, president of aerox® said “customer requests indicated that
there was a significant need for this specialized regulator. It is
capable of providing sufficient oxygen flow rates for 12 or more
occupants aboard an aircraft. When it comes to operating respirators
and other medical equipment aboard an aeromedical aircraft, only a
regulator designed for the task has the ability to supply the high flow
rates and pressures required regardless of the supply pressure from the
source cylinder. The use of Diluter Demand Masks is another application
that requires unusually high flow rates. The development of this
Specialty Regulator was truly customer based.”

Demanding work environments is where the High Flow Remote Regulator shines. The Outlet specifications tell it all:

Inlet pressure Outlet flow End pressure
250 psi 200LPM +/- 10% 70 psi +/- 10 psi
1850 psi 300LPM +/- 10% 70 psi +/- 10 psi

Whether your application requires ambient or overboard discharge, the High Flow Remote Regulator will work for you.
Keep your eyes on aerox®; for the past two years their engineers have
been busy developing a number of new products that will all be released
in 2009.


Since 1981 when aerox® started, they have been providing the aviation
industry with innovative solutions for all of their oxygen needs.
aerox® offers a complete line of stock and custom systems as well as
parts and accessories. aerox® is a provider of OEM systems serving
Diamond, Piper, Malibu and others. In addition to aviation products,
they can design emergency and first aid systems, for use in the air or
on the ground.

To learn more about aerox® and their product line visit
You can contact aerox® at or 1-800-237-6902


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