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AFIRS 228 appraoches major milestone

Oct. 12, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - AeroMechanical Services Ltd., through its FLYHTTM brand, reports the next generation Automated Flight Information Reporting System (“AFIRSTM”) 228B is nearing completion of DO-160F Environmental Certification testing.

October 12, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

DO-160F tests are conducted on production standard AFIRS 228 units manufactured by FLYHT to determine their performance characteristics in extreme environmental conditions similar to those that may be encountered in airborne operation such as temperature, altitude, humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. In total, AFIRS units have passed over 300 individual tests, conducted to test different settings, voice and data modes and transmission frequencies to help ensure AFIRS does not interfere with communication, navigation or flight control systems on any aircraft. With the completion of the tests, FLYHT’s Transport Canada manufacturing certificate will be updated to allow the manufacturing and sale of the AFIRS 228B.

“The equipment has performed perfectly to date,” commented Bill Tempany, CEO. “Our customers and the marketplace have been waiting with anticipation for the 228’s release. AFIRS contributes to our customers’ operational effectiveness, dispatch availability, and compliance with evolving Air Traffic Control regulations, saving both time and money with a multi-function single Line Replaceable Unit (“LRU”) that can handle many functions.”

The DO-160F testing is the final process before completion of multiple Supplemental Type Certificates (“STC”). With these first-article approvals in hand (STCs and a manufacturing certificate), FLYHT can then obtain follow-on STCs, which will allow for AFIRS 228 installation on additional aircraft. FLYHT will complete STCs for the Hawker Beechcraft 987 series, the Bombardier CRJ 900 and Challenger 300, Boeing 737 NGs, 757-200, 767, 777, Airbus 319, 320, 321 and A330 series and the others in progress. A provisions STC has already been received for the Boeing 777 and the Hawker 125 series and a launch installation has been completed. The equipment must undergo a flight test to complete each STC.

The 228B is the first release in the series of 228 products, which are a new generation of FLYHT’s AFIRS product line that has been delivered to over 35 customers globally for installation on over 300 aircraft on all seven continents. When the full AFIRS 228 series is completed in early 2012, the AFIRS 228 family will be fully certified to provide safety services voice, data, text, and electronic flight bag (“EFB”) integration, including support of ACARS over Iridium and FANS over Iridium. One version of the 228 – the 228U – will provide Link 2000+ Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (“CPDLC”) compliance for some aircraft types and will be available before the EU deadlines. The AFIRS 228 will be the first safety services certified platform to provide real-time data streaming through FLYHTStream, the Company’s patent pending triggered data streaming facility.



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