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AIAC congratulates Government on purchase of new fighters

July 16, 2010, Ottawa - The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) congratulates the Government of Canada's (GoC) decision to proceed with the acquisition of the Next Generation Fighter (NGF) for our Armed Forces as planned in the Canada First Defence Strategy. This decision is the culmination of an innovative approach to procurement that began in 2001.

July 16, 2010  By CNW

"The Government's leadership will ensure that Canada, along with its NATO counterparts, continues to play a key role in defending the values dear to all Canadians," states Claude Lajeunesse, President & CEO of AIAC. "The Next Generation Fighter is the single largest military aircraft procurement program of the Government of Canada in the foreseeable future and will positively affect the Canadian aerospace industry for decades to come," says Lajeunesse.

AIAC urges the Government to ensure that conditions are created for Canadian industry to access an increasing amount of meaningful, high-value roles in both the production and sustainment of the aircraft. These conditions must be addressed in a way that will ensure the creation of value-added jobs in Canada, retain and develop Canadian capabilities and maximize return for taxpayers. AIAC also recommends that the GoC provide an open and transparent accounting process that details the number of Canadian jobs and Canadian content value created throughout the process.

AIAC looks forward to collaborating with the Government to achieve these and other objectives for the benefit of the Canadian industrial base.



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