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Air Comm Corporation prepares for major expansion

Oct. 30, 2012, Orlando, Fla. - Air Comm Corporation (ACC), now celebrating its 25th year as an aerospace industry leader in air management, thermal and environmental systems, is ready to deliver its expertise in design, manufacture, testing, certification and systems integration to a broader segment of the aviation, aerospace and military markets.

October 30, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

To commemorate a quarter-century of technical innovation and business success and to mark its renewed focus on the fixed-wing market, ACC will showcase its air management and environmental technologies and capabilities at NBAA2012, the National Business Aviation Association’s 65th Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, Fla. ACC executives and technical experts will be available to discuss the company’s systems and plans for growth during exhibit hours in NBAA Booth No. 3875, Hall NB, Orange County Convention Center, Oct. 30–Nov. 1. 
“Air Comm is pleased to participate at NBAA2012 and announce our strategic commitment to diversify into the fixed-wing market with new environmental control systems,” said Keith Steiner, ACC CEO. “We look forward to helping fixed-wing flight crews and passengers enjoy the same comfort and convenience that we have offered commercial and military helicopter operators for decades.”

ACC has developed a range of applications for fixed-wing aircraft throughout its history, but numerous opportunities on civil and military helicopters programs have kept the company focused on the rotor-wing sector of the industry. Over the past two years, ACC has added staff with fixed-wing expertise, enabling the company to combine its lightweight, high-capacity helicopter design strategy with the unique requirements of high-altitude, pressurized aircraft.
ACC is inaugurating its expansion into fixed-wing air management systems with a running start. The company is participating in a number of development programs with a variety of fixed-wing manufacturers, including Kestrel Aircraft of Superior, WI.  Kestrel has announced that Air Comm is developing a new ECS for its single-engine turboprop.
To assist with its diversification, Air Comm has opened a business development and test facility in Carrolton, Texas. The new facility’s environmental control system testing can evaluate a wide variety of air conditioning technologies used in civil and military aircraft and ground vehicles. The lab contains 120,000 BTUH air conditioning psychrometric testing chambers for testing individual components or complete systems to optimize performance. The facility can accurately evaluate a wide range of temperatures, as well as relative humidity, atmospheric pressure for air density compensation, refrigerant mass flow and airflow with one-percent accuracy. The facility also provides a wide range of electrical test capabilities. The lab holds ISO/AS9100 Rev C certification, ASHRAE Std. 41.2-1987 airflow measurement chamber and independent IAS accreditation and is certified for a variety of environmental tests and ratings.
“We’ve made important advancements to air management technologies for rotorcraft, and applying that knowledge and experience to fixed-wing aircraft is the next logical step,” Steiner explained. “Proper air management is the key to aircraft efficiency, performance, and comfort, and Air Comm is the industry expert.” Steiner added that ACC’s experience in designing systems that perform in low altitude heat and humidity often encountered by helicopter operators has given the company a unique capability to solve difficult thermo-dynamic and thermal management problems.


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