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Air Transat provides aircraft for WheelTug development and testing

Jan. 12, 2015, Gibraltar - WheelTug has announced that Air Transat, will be providing WheelTug with access to an aircraft for development and testing purposes.

January 12, 2015  By Carey Fredericks

In return, WheelTug will provide Air Transat with a WheelTug system for that aircraft. WheelTug will have a platform for certification of the innovative WheelTug system while Air Transat will realize between $1 to $4 million in annual savings for their aircraft’s operation. Those savings will be primarily realized through time, wear, fuel and pushback-related costs.

Keith Lawless, Air Transat’s Senior Director of Business Sustainability and Improvement, explains: “The WheelTug system will provide us with phenomenal operational and environmental advantages. This agreement gives us a unique opportunity to get it on one of our aircraft on a preferential basis.”

Isaiah Cox, CEO of WheelTug plc, adds, “We are excited to extend our relationship with Air Transat. They provide their 3 million annual customers with a superb holiday travel experience. We are looking forward to enhancing that experience.”

WheelTug will be meeting with airlines, airports, ground operators and other interested parties at the IATA Taxiing Systems Conference in Miami, February 3-4.



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