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Airbus co-ordinates third humanitarian flight to Philippines

Nov. 28, 2013, Cebu, Phillippines - After Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, struck the Philippines beginning of November, the country is still in great need, with thousands of people remaining homeless and without food or water.

November 28, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

After a relief flight from Toulouse with an Airbus A340 test aircraft, and a second one from Hamburg with Philippine Airlines’ newest A321 last week, the Airbus Corporate Foundation has just coordinated a third relief flight which landed today in Cebu, Philippines.

This mission was organised with flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL), using the delivery flight of their brand new A330, loaded with 19 tonnes of water sanitation equipment and food from Action Contre la Faim, a long term partner of the Airbus Corporate Foundation.

The plane left Toulouse yesterday at 6 pm local time and landed in Cebu today at 7:40 pm locally.

”The Philippines have been struck by a terrible disaster and it is natural for the Airbus Corporate Foundation to provide rapid aid to the people in need, by facilitating the shipping of humanitarian goods and equipment. We therefore regularly partner with our customers, to use delivery flights of their new aircraft for this purpose”, says Andrea Debanne, Executive Director of the Airbus Corporate Foundation.


Jean-Baptiste Lamarche, Logistics Director for Action Contre la Faim, stated: “Airbus Foundation and Philippines Airlines have helped us to provide essential relief items to those who need it most.

Thanks to the professionalism and the efficiency of their teams, ACF was able to intervene within only a few hours after the Philippines were hit by the typhoon. The highly motivated and dedicated Airbus teams, with the precious support of Philippines Airlines, have made it possible to provide assistance to millions of people who were affected by the catastrophe.”         

The Airbus Corporate Foundation has completed 36 relief or goodwill flights to destinations around the globe to date and has built up a global network of airlines and relief organisations to support international humanitarian causes.


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