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Airbus, FlightSafety to provide training for aspiring pilots

Miami, Fla. - The Airbus Training Center (ATC) in Miami, Florida has signed a three-year agreement with FlightSafety International to provide an integrated, “ab-initio” training solution to airline customers and aspiring pilots at FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida.

April 21, 2015  By Airbus

This agreement will help address the worldwide demand for new pilots. Courses and programs offered through the Airbus/FlightSafety cooperation will encompass First Officer, Multi-Crew Pilot (MPL) and specifically in North America Airline Transport Pilot-Certified Training Program (ATP-CTP).

FlightSafety and Airbus will offer candidates the opportunity to be trained in Florida, from no prior flight time all the way to a qualified A320 first officer. FlightSafety will train candidates to be qualified pilots, while Airbus will train them to be qualified as pilots on Airbus equipment.

“We are pleased that Airbus has selected FlightSafety Academy as their premier ab-initio training partner,” said Daniel MacLellan, Vice President Operations, FlightSafety International. “This collaboration with Airbus provides airlines with a total training solution designed to meet their future training requirements. FlightSafety Academy has provided the highest quality training to airlines around the world for over 48 years.”

“The world’s airlines already are feeling the effects of a shortage of qualified pilots,” commented Joe Houghton, Head of Flight Training at Airbus’ Training Center in Miami. “The ability of our customers to continue growing is dependent on providing a steady stream of well-trained, qualified airline pilots. This partnership will be one means of meeting this requirement. Airbus’ role will be to complement FlightSafety’s initial pilot-training program and teach the specific requirements of the Airbus platform.”



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