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Airbus Military joins Discovery Air for FWSAR bid

May 29, 2013, Ottawa - Airbus Military SVP Commercial Antonio Rodriguez-Barberan and Paul BouchardPresident of Discovery Air Defence Services have signed a Teaming Agreement (TA) to jointly offer a solution for the Canadian Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) Program.

May 29, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Under the terms of the agreement, Discovery Air, as the Airbus Military (AM) main In Service Support (ISS) partner, will provide the high value-content of the ISS.

“We are extremely pleased with this agreement," Rodriguez-Barberan said. "

"Discovery Air is the perfect partner for Airbus Military and the ideal Canadian solution for the FWSAR program. The C295 is the world leader in terms of maritime patrol, search and rescue and related missions for twin engine military aircraft with 121 aircraft sold in 17 countries. Furthermore, it has the lowest life-cycle costs in its class, and compared to competitors could save Canada up to $1 billion Canadian in fuel costs alone over the life of the airframe.”

Perfectly suited to the Canadian environment, this robust, reliable aircraft is the only twin engine aircraft in the FWSAR competition capable of operating in North Atlantic weather; able to taxi, takeoff, and land in storm force winds in excess of fifty knots. It excels in cold weather operations, operating daily north of the Arctic Circle with the Finnish Air Force.


The C295 offers proven, fully integrated sensors and mission system optimized for the SAR role, critical in the lifesaving role of FWSAR.   Canada’s Request for Proposals for the FWSAR has not been released; however, it is expected that the C295 will be compliant in all areas.

Equipped with proven, state of the art search capabilities, the C295 offers a low-risk, low-cost solution that is high in Canadian content.  In addition to Discovery Air, established partners include Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE, L-3 Wescam and Vector Aerospace.

Paul Bouchard, the President of Discovery Air Defence Services, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this solution in conjunction with Airbus Military to the Canadian Forces. We are very excited about the C295 aircraft; a proven and reliable SAR platform that has been sold all over the world with over 120,000 flying hours to its credit. With proven, state of the art search capabilities, it offers a low-risk, low-cost solution, high in Canadian content.

“We are also pleased that Airbus Military and Discovery Air have been able to negotiate the type of arrangement for the transfer of high-value work that the Government of Canada is advocating within the policy discussions surrounding the Jenkins Report.  We believe that Discovery Air is ideally placed to provide the 20 year support package that will be required for this program.”

Bouchard added: “We believe the RCAF can increase the level of service to Canadians by reducing response times in a region of Canada that is increasing in terms of activity and importance.  By basing dedicated C295 SAR aircraft in the North, we believe Canada will be in an excellent position to respond to the incidents that will undoubtedly be increasing in our Arctic over the next 20 years.”


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