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Airbus, PAL agree to extend FWSAR relationship

Marignane, Fra. - Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace have signed a letter of intent which facilitates the exploration of extending their relationship internationally. Provincial Aerospace had previously been announced as Airbus Defence and Space’s primary Canadian partner for its C295 aircraft in its bid to replace Canada’s fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) aircraft. This agreement will go well beyond that.

March 31, 2015  By Airbus

“The ability to leverage the FWSAR program to create jobs and economic growth in Canada is a must,” said Pablo Molina, Head of Airbus Defence and Space Military Aircraft Canada.

“Airbus Defence and Space firmly believes that successful partnerships must extend beyond any one procurement program or contract. This agreement reinforces that commitment.”

“Airbus Defence and Space is compatible with export-oriented Canadian companies such as Provincial Aerospace”, said Keith Stoodley, Chief Development Officer of Provincial Aerospace. “This, combined with their demonstrated commitment to Canadian industry, presents the best and lowest-risk opportunities for Canadians to maximize economic benefits from the FWSAR program.”

Through this letter of intent, Provincial Aerospace and Airbus Defence and Space, agreed to explore international collaborations for in-service support, mission systems integration, and aircraft modifications. The companies are committed to supporting and developing global supply chain opportunities for Canadian industry.


Provincial Aerospace and Airbus Defence and Space have demonstrated their ability to meet their obligations to Canadian industry. The C295 team is poised to do the same once again for the FWSAR tender. Airbus Group has a strong industrial presence in Canada, directly employing more than 1,800 people. In addition, Canadian companies are within the top 7 Airbus Group suppliers.

The C295 is the proven, reliable and low-risk solution for Canada’s FWSAR program. It is the market leader in its segment with 155 aircraft sold so far to 21 countries. This will provide Provincial Aerospace and the rest of Canadian partners, including Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE and L-3 Wescam, with access to a real and growing export market.

“This announcement showcases the extension of benefits to Canadian industry from the FWSAR program. With our Canadian partners, we look forward to continuing our record of success in Canada, and contributing to substantial economic growth well into the future”,
concluded Molina.


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