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Aircare International, Vector join forces on safety

Sept. 11, 2014, New York, N.Y. - USAIG has welcomed Aircare International to its Performance Vector safety initiative.  Performance Vector delivers valuable, forward-looking safety support for USAIG-insured operators of turbine aircraft.  Eligible policyholders can choose annually from a range of safety enhancing programs and services delivered by the industry’s leading providers.

September 11, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

The addition of Aircare International broadens available options to include aircrew emergency procedures training and mission safety and tele-medical support services.

Aircare International’s well-known Aircare FACTS Training curriculum prepares aircrews for dynamic emergencies such as cabin fires, medical contingencies, slow onset hypoxia, decompression, ground evacuation, wet ditching, underwater egress, and water survival. Performance Vector-eligible policyholders can now send pilots to Aircare’s One-Day Pilot Emergency Procedures Course, which uses cabin egress and firefighting simulators and in-pool drills to cover elements that are especially vital for pilots who operate without cabin crew, and must therefore be ready to see themselves as well as passengers through all contingencies.

Another new alternative is Aircare Access Assistance. This service provides operating aircrews with worldwide, 24/7 access to tele-medical assistance by board-certified emergency physicians.  Qualifying USAIG policyholders that subscribe to Aircare Access Assistance can send crewmembers to attend inflight emergency medical and automatic external defibrillator AHA certificate courses, have aircraft medical kits tracked for expiring items, request security and health briefings for unfamiliar destinations, and receive fit-for-duty and lost prescription consults.

“We are delighted to connect our policyholders with these world class programs. Aircare International delivers highly relevant training and services with the flexibility needed by today’s aviation operators, making them a perfect addition to Performance Vector,” said David McKay, USAIG President and CEO.


“Aircare’s training and services save lives,” said Martin Hamilton, VP Business Development for Aircare International. “By offering our programs to their policyholders, USAIG continues to demonstrate their passion for safety and for helping flight departments become even better. We’re proud to be associated with USAIG and their values.” 

Performance Vector programs meet aviation regulatory requirements, accreditation protocols and industry standards such as FAA, IS-BAO, NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager program, and ICAO.  Eligibility for additional Performance Vector services refreshes upon each policy renewal.


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