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Aircraft Systems division becomes Advent Aircraft Systems Inc.

Rye, N.H. - The board of directors of Advent Aerospace, Inc. after a review spanning several months, recently determined that the Aircraft Systems division of Advent Aerospace would be spun off and operated as a separate company.

April 7, 2015  By Advent Aerospace

The new company will be known as Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc, and began operations as such on April 1, 2015. The remaining Advent Aerospace divisions – Jormac Aerospace and Cabin Innovations – will continue to operate under the Advent Aerospace, Inc. banner.

Aircraft Systems, founded in 2010, was formed to certify and produce components and systems for air vehicles, beginning with a proprietary internally-developed anti-skid braking system (Advent ABS) for light turbine aircraft. The Advent ABS was initially certified in December 2013 on the Eclipse EA500 and is available as a retrofit. It is standard equipment on new EA550 aircraft.  Advent has other applications in development and certification for business and military aircraft, including the Beechcraft King Air B200/300 series, Pilatus PC-12, Beechcraft T-6C and various other military aircraft.

Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc. is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Advent Aerospace, Inc. is headquartered in Rye, New Hampshire, with divisions in Florida and Texas. Each company is owned by employees and equity partners Yankee Pacific, LLC and Hancock Park Associates.

“The spin off is a strategic move to optimize operations, marketing and investment in the different product lines and markets of Aircraft Systems and the Advent Aerospace Interiors Group represented by Jormac Aerospace and Cabin Innovations,” said Ken Goldsmith, Advent managing director and president and CEO of Yankee Pacific. “We look forward to continued, aggressive growth in both companies.”



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