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Airports willing participants in CATSA review

June 16, 2010, Ottawa - Canada's airports renewed a commitment made in February to work closely with the federal government on its comprehensive review of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) on Tuesday.

June 16, 2010  By CNW

Canada's airports pledge to be "willing partners" in the review.

"Canada's airports recognise that there is an increased burden on aviation security resources in this country today," said CAC Acting President Bill Restall. "Over the coming weeks, we will eagerly work with government to ensure that Canada's aviation sector remains as secure as ever, and that the future model for the delivery of aviation security is flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of airports of various sizes from coast to coast during an era when security rules are constantly changing."
A crown corporation, CATSA currently is responsible for the pre-board screening of passengers and their belongings; baggage screening through airport explosives detection systems; and screening and tracking of non-passengers entering airport restricted areas.
As part of the federal 2010 budget, the government said it would launch a full review of CATSA's spending, efficiency and structure to ensure it is fulfilling its mandate effectively.
"Hundreds of millions of dollars are invested annually in aviation security in Canada. Airports are pleased that we now will explore if this money is being spent in the most effective manner, in order to determine whether alternative models would better serve the needs of industry and the travelling public," said Debbie Cicotelli, chair of the CAC Security Committee and head of security at Canada's largest airport, Toronto Pearson. "Airports have ideas, and we look forward to sharing these ideas with government."


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