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AJW Technique unveils new Montreal facility

April 4, 2013, Montreal - The official opening of the AJW Technique Component Repair & Overhaul facility justifies the Company’s single-minded determination to be operational within six months of purchasing the assets of Aveos Fleet Performance in September 2012.

April 4, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Although the facility had extensive repair capabilities with best-in-class equipment; the infrastructure, certifications and workforce needed to be started from scratch. So the announcement that AJW Technique is already certified by Transport Canada (TCCA), FAA and EASA standards as an approved maintenance repair facility and is fulfilling repair contracts, is testament to the focus that AJW has placed on quality and reliability above all else, and the commitment of the entire team.

At a special ceremony attended by senior ministers from the Québec Government, Christopher Whiteside, President of AJW Group, commented: “AJW Technique primarily provides a broad range of Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft repair and overhaul services, although we will soon be including helicopters, military, regional and business jets within the range of capabilities. AJW Technique is actively working with new customers within the region to develop mutually beneficial support agreements. It is the centralised hub for the AJW repair supply chain and will ensure that the A J Walter Aviation customer base of more than 800 airlines receives exemplary support. The opening of our impressive, state-of-the-art 160,000 sq.ft, facility in Montréal has been underpinned by valuable Government support and investment, and we would like to thank everyone involved in helping put Montréal back on the map as a centre of aircraft repair excellence.”

AJW Technique is spearheaded by a team with expert knowledge and solid industry track performance. As the facility ramps up its technical capabilities in tandem with the streamlining of all processes, it expects to reach its repair potential of around 25,000 units per annum in record time. AJW Technique has unique access to AJW’s extensive Airbus and Boeing inventories and it is this key differentiator that will enable the business to underwrite its repair management guarantees.

 “AJW Technique is not just a repair management provider. As part of the AJW Group it works alongside A J Walter Aviation, AJW Capital Partners and AJW Leasing to deliver a comprehensive range of aircraft support services” explains Christopher Whiteside. “We work closely with the OEMs and other specialist repair shops on a global scale to support our power-by-the-hour, pooling, sales, exchanges and loans business. We’re a safe pair of hands with over 80 years in the industry and we invite all operators to talk to us about how we can improve their repair management cycles. We are determined that AJW Technique will be the next exciting step in the development of our service portfolio.”



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