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Allen-Vanguard announces $3.75 million in new overseas order for ECM equipment

Allen-Vanguard Corporation announced that it has received an order worth $3.75 million for its advanced digital ECM equipment.

September 19, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

Allen-Vanguard Corporation of Ottawa, Canada announced today that it has received an order worth $3.75 million for its advanced digital ECM equipment which is used to counter the threat of remotely detonated explosive threats.

"We're very pleased that another European NATO country has begun to adopt our ECM equipment," said David E. Luxton, President and CEO. "This adds to the growing validation of our technology and capability against the critical threat of remotely detonated improvised explosive devices." The Company stated that the order will be completed in the first half of fiscal 2007 which commenced October 1st, 2006.

Allen-Vanguard Corporation and its subsidiaries worldwide operate under the brand "Allen-Vanguard". The Company develops and markets technologies, tools and training for defeating and minimizing the effects of hazardous devices and materials, whether Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive (CBRNE). The Company's equipment is in service with leading security and military forces in more than 120 countries. Products include Electronic Counter-Measures ("ECM") equipment for jamming remote detonation of terrorist devices, specialty security equipment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal ("EOD"), remote intervention robots for hazardous applications, vehicle barrier systems, and personal protective wear for use in dealing with bio-chemical agents. Allen-Vanguard is the sole, worldwide licensee and/or developer of patented technologies such as the Universal Containment System and CASCAD Foam for blast mitigation and decontamination of bio-chemical warfare agents. Head office operations are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with manufacturing operations in Stoney Creek, Ontario; Tewkesbury, U.K.; and Cork, Ireland, and
sales offices in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Asia.



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