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Altair Engineering opens Montreal office


Altair Engineering opens Montreal office
Altair Engineering, Inc. has opened an office in Montreal, the hub of Canada's aerospace industry.

March 23, 2011  By Wings

March 23, 2011, Montreal – Altair Engineering, Inc. has opened an office in Montreal, the hub of Canada's aerospace

The expansion follows a substantial increase in demand for Altair's HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools among major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers in Canada.
Altair's new Montreal office, situated at 469 Rue Jean Talon Ouest, conducts technical support and engineering projects and is consulting with aerospace companies on deployment of HyperWorks solutions.
"Altair's success with the Canadian aerospace industry is the result of both our simulation technology and our flexible licensing model, which allows customers to draw from a common bank of licensing units for any HyperWorks software," said Altair Canada President, Jean Pierre Roux.
The expansion of HyperWorks within the Canadian aerospace engineering community is indicative of the strength of Canada's aerospace industry and the important role Altair's technology plays in this market. Altair Engineering Canada has been headquartered in Toronto since 2006. The company established a presence in Quebec in 2008 and today works with the country's key aerospace producers and suppliers.
Altair's HyperMesh solver-neutral finite element modeling software enables the industry to extend its use of efficient computer modeling and analysis during the early phase of aircraft design, and Altair's OptiStruct allows aerospace engineers to optimize the weight and performance of structures and components of all material types including composites.
With Altair's RADIOSS multi-disciplinary finite element solver, engineers can dramatically reduce the development cycle for aircraft and improve the accuracy of their designs by running complex linear and non-linear computer studies like those required to analyze stresses, loads, and structure vulnerability (e.g., bird strikes, tire impact, hail impact). In conjunction with other HyperWorks tools, RADIOSS allows engineers to change designs rapidly and perfect aircraft structures before building their first physical model. By employing its recently acquired multi-processor compute cluster, Altair's Montreal office helps clients take even better advantage of the RADIOSS solver's scalability during consulting and testing work.


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