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AMES announces high precision liquid coating capabilities

amesAmes Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-quality elastomeric molded components, dispensed gaskets and insert molded components, introduces AMESShield Coatings

January 21, 2009  By AMES


Ames Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-quality elastomeric molded components, dispensed gaskets and insert molded components, introduces AMESShield Coatings, a design solution for the protection of aircraft components from the effects of Foreign Objects Damage (FOD). Proprietary formulation contains ice-phobic characteristics to resist forming and facilitating the shedding of ice.

Ideal for applying coatings to metal, elastomers, plastics, and aircraft composite materials, Ames coating capabilities include non-electrostatic and electrostatic-based systems capable of applying uniform thicknesses of coatings ranging from a few microns to 20-30 mils, with typical applications using 20 layers of .5 mils each. Ames has developed a method to measure single or dual layer thicknesses of elastomer coatings at levels in the low micron range. A wide range of high-performance elastomer formulations such as Fluoroelastomer, Silicones, and Fluorosilicones, as well as conventional elastomers for less demanding applications are offered. Uniform multilayer film build ensures total coverage and maximum aerodynamic conditions.

The manufacturing environment for Ames’ liquid coating capabilities includes an ISO Class 8 100,000 clean room where air quality is maintained at a level that produces a debris- free product. Ames’ process provides controlled adhesion to ensure both reliable bonding as well as facilitating removal during scheduled maintenance. In addition, all critical work areas are protected by thermal oxidation equipment to convert Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into harmless materials.

Ames' liquid coating capabilities are a result of the company’s product development success in the business automation market segment. Ames’ copier and printer fuser rollers have been continually upgraded to meet the needs of their customers’ challenging applications to include high temperature, durability, and chemical resistance, through the company’s continual materials research and refinements of the various coating processes associated with the manufacture of these various types of rollers. Ames ability to take materials and process developments from one product development effort to another is as key ingredient in Ames becoming a provider of elastomeric design solutions to an ever-growing list of markets and customers.


About Ames

For nearly 60 years Ames has been a leading supplier to international, high-tech customers who require elastomeric  coatings, moldings, dispensed gaskets, insert molded  components, and other elastomeric   products that meet high-quality standards. As one of the very few companies to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for business excellence, Ames is ISO 9000-2000 registered, practices Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, and is well known for its exceptional attention to process  and product quality. For additional information about Ames or the solutions they offer, please visit , or call (973) 827-9101.


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