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ARINC Direct introduces ConnectOnboard communications system

Oct. 30, 2012, Orlando, Fla. - ARINC Direct is to premiere its new ARINC Direct ConnectOnboard Communications System at this year’s NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention, October 30-November 1 in Orlando, Florida (Booth No N2155).  The new system offers three distinct capabilities in one portable device.

October 30, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Complete ACARS messaging (including graphical weather), utilizing an iPad application as the user interface, high quality voice using an iPhone or Android device, and managed email (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Blackberry, Hotmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange).

Using the Iridium or Inmarsat Satellite networks, the ARINC Direct Connect system enables global connectivity and seamless operation of common communication forms for both pilots and passengers.  And for existing ARINC Direct customers, the ACARS messaging functionality is completely interoperable with their ARINC Direct online account.  It is also completely integrated into existing ARINC Direct iPad applications. All existing ACARS messaging functionality, such as Digital ATIS, Pre-Departure Clearances, Oceanic Clearances, position reporting, OOOI events, weather requests, etc. are supported in the ARINC Direct Connect system.  With two channels, the system supports simultaneous voice and data communications or even two simultaneous voice calls.

“With the creation of the ARINC Direct Connect system, utilizing common electronics (iPad and smart phones) we have introduced a cost-effective, reliable communications service that provides a complete, simple, and seamless user experience,” said Bob Richard, Senior Director of ARINC Direct.  “ARINC Direct Connect provides complete ACARS functionality without incurring major retrofit expenses,” he added.   In addition to the communications functions being fielded on the system’s communication board, the system will deploy with a separate circuit board with an application processor and server capability to support future development.  “We are only scratching the surface with this initial release, we have a great platform from which to launch many more capabilities” stated Bob Richard.

The full capabilities of the ARINC Direct Connect system will be demonstrated at the NBAA show and the system will be available for sale in early 2013.   Pre-orders will be accepted during the convention.



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