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Asset Insights Inc. expands aircraft grading system

Sept. 4, 2013, Amissville, Va. - Asset Insight, Inc. has announced that it has expanded its Asset Grading System Process (AGSP) program to include 16 helicopter models manufactured by various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

September 4, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

This innovative appraisal tool now enables buyers, sellers, and financial services companies to evaluate accurately the projected maintenance costs for a wider variety of new and pre-owned aircraft and thereby make better-informed buying and financing decisions. This addition of helicopters further expands the extensive, and continually increasing, range of heavy, medium, and light jets, as well as many turboprops already covered by the Asset Insight AGSP.

“We received a number of industry requests to apply our Asset Grading System Process to helicopters, and we are pleased to address the market’s requirements,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, Inc. “Our goal is to create the first industry standard that enables users not only to analyze and grade objectively the maintenance condition of any aircraft, but also allows them to compare that condition to any other make and model aircraft. The addition of helicopters will now enable even more current and prospective owners and operators to utilize our AGSP program.”


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