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Associated Air Center continues facility expansion

Jan. 31, 2014, Tempe, Az. - Associated Air Center, StandardAero’s large transport category VIP completions center in Dallas, Tx. has announced additional facilities expansion efforts and investments to accommodate recent wide body completion wins including 747-8 and 787-8 projects during the last six months.

January 31, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

Recently completed facility expansions include the addition of a 7,200 square foot mobile tail enclosure that measures 120-ft. wide, 60-ft. deep and stands 75 ft., 9 inches tall.  Weighing in at 95 tons, the tail enclosure was constructed on site and is designed to be moved with existing aircraft tugs. The mobile tail enclosure structure is equipped with fire protection system, fire alarm system, high bay lighting and low volt electrical connections throughout the structure.

In addition to the tail enclosure, AAC has incorporated a new fixed nose extension which provides the largest VIP wide body completion projects full cover and protection within its existing facilities.

“These expanded capabilities now allow our company to completely house wide-body aircraft – nose to tail within our facility,” said Jack Lawless, CEO of AAC.

AAC’s wide body completion business has experienced a recent boom having completed a very complex A330 project in addition to winning two new completion bids for 747 and 787 wide body projects in the last year.


“We are also continuing to pursue several other wide and narrow body projects and continuing to serve the market as the VVIP completion leader in our industry,” Lawless said.  “Our goal is to serve the VVIP wide and narrow body marketplace as a leader in quality, service and innovation in the years ahead.”


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