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ATP places huge Skyhawk Cessna order

July 23, 2019  By Wings Staff

More Skyhawks have been delivered to customers around the world than any other type of aircraft, with more than 44,000 placed into service. (Photo: Textron)

ATP Flight School placed orders and options for up to 100 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft with its long-term supplier Textron Aviation Inc. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and flying approximately 31,000 hours per month, ATP is described as the largest flight training company in the United States.

Scheduled to be delivered through 2023, the new aircraft will be supplementing and replacing aircraft in ATP’s current fleet of more than 375 aircraft, adding to the school’s 20 Skyhawks that have already been delivered over the past year.

“For more than two decades, the Cessna Skyhawk has led the light piston segment in deliveries, and we are thrilled that one of the largest Skyhawk fleet operators in the world, ATP Flight School, continues to select the platform to modernize its fleet,” said Chris Crow, vice president, Textron Aviation Piston Sales. “The new agreement with ATP demonstrates that the Skyhawk continues to be the world’s definitive training aircraft for future pilots.”

The new Skyhawks will be used exclusively by students in ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program. “Our students count on us to provide them with the most efficient path to the airlines, and we rely on the Cessna Skyhawk for delivering on the commitment,” said Justin Dennis, ATP’s president. “ATP has more graduates flying at the airlines than any other academy.”


The Skyhawk platform includes the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics system with wireless connectivity and a standard angle-of-attack display system. Textron explains the Skyhawk’s 870-pound payload makes it well suited for training multiple students at once.


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