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Avfuel rewards winning pilots in AVTRIP Point Giveaway

Avfuel Corporation notified winners of its colossal 2 Million AVTRIP Point Giveaway in which 20 pilots were awarded 100,000 AVTRIP Points each.

November 24, 2015  By Avfu",595"

“I’ve never won anything before, and being selected for this promotion is quite a surprise,” said Mark Riddell, AVTRIP winner. “I appreciate the service Avfuel provides and always give my AVTRIP number to the customer service staff at the FBOs I visit. And for one of those visits, it really paid off. Thank you!”

Pilots earned chances to win by fueling at participating Avfuel-branded dealers that co-exhibited with Avfuel at the 2015 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. Each gallon or liter of fuel they purchased during the promotional period between August and the end of October earned pilots one chance to win at that location.

While pilots received chances to win at the participating FBOs, they also enjoyed the premier experience always offered at Avfuel-branded facilities. Winners shared their feelings of excitement, and loyalty, with Avfuel—expressing gratitude for both the promotion and Avfuel’s reliable services.

“I’ve visited many FBOs over my career and have found [that] the AVTRIP [awarding], Avfuel-branded FBOs provide a stellar product and service,” said Landon Capozzi. “I’m ecstatic to have been chosen as one of the winners of Avfuel’s 2 Million AVTRIP Point Promotion.”


The promotion generated a high level of visibility for the Avfuel-branded FBOs that joined the company at NBAA and garnered an abundance of excitement from Avfuel’s loyal pilots—a mutually beneficial endeavor. In all, the buzz heading into NBAA was louder than ever.

“Wow, I actually won something,” said David Garner. “Looks like you have to play to win. Thank you, Avfuel, for all of your required professional support throughout this most active year.”

But pilots weren’t the only ones who had something to be thankful for.

“We want to congratulate our winners,” said Marci Ammerman, vice president of marketing at Avfuel, “but more importantly, we want to thank them for their loyalty. We understand our customers have choices and immensely appreciate when they choose to do business with us. Each customer is important to our business, which is precisely why we ran this mega promotion leading into NBAA—to show our appreciation.


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