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Aviation expert raising money for MH370 search

Perth, Aus. - An aviation technology expert is working to raise funds for an operation that can ascertain if unidentified debris in the waters between Malaysia and India belong to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Andre Milne, who has been voluntarily investigating the case of the missing plane, is trying to raise nearly $2 million to prove his theory.

April 24, 2015  By The International Business Times

Milne, who aims to follow up on a theory that the missing plane may have ended up near the Maldives, hopes to crowdfund the project by raising about $10 from every donor who supports the project, the U.K.’s Mirror reported. Flight MH370, which went missing on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board has become the subject of an unprecedented international search effort that is currently focused in the southern Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles southwest of Milne’s proposed search zone.

“This area is not being searched. I need your help in order to verify one way or another whether this is in fact MH370,” Milne said, in a video posted on a website, adding: “If you want to see whether or not this aircraft is in this site please participate in the crowd-sourcing venture.” | READ MORE


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