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Aviation workers lead protest in downtown Montreal

April 25, 2012, Montreal - Hundreds of protesters, many of them aerospace workers who just recently lost their jobs, are blocking a downtown Montreal street to vent their frustration.

April 25, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The workers, together with a number of students, gathered outside a building where shareholders of Air Canada's former parent, ACE Aviation, were voting to wind up their business.

The frustrated employees of insolvent aircraft maintenance company Aveos denounced both Air Canada and the federal government for letting their former employer die.

They accused the Harper Conservatives of being in a conspiracy with Air Canada by not enforcing a law they say requires heavy maintenance work to be done in Canada.

The also vented their anger at former airline CEO Robert Milton who earned millions of dollars by spinning off Air Canada into pieces, including Aveos.


Reporters were barred from attending the ACE meeting.


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