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Avmax acquires two BAe 146-200s

August 5, 2010, Hatfiled, Herts. - Avmax International Aircraft Leasing Inc. of Calgaryhas acquired two BAe 146-200 regional jetliners from BAE Systems for operation by its Regional 1 Airlines affiliated company.

August 5, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

Avmax provides aircraft maintenance and
conversions for turboprop and jet aircraft and has maintenance facilities in
Calgary, at Great Falls, Montana, and Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The company
has a long association with the BAe 146, having provided storage, maintenance
and conversion activities on a number of aircraft in recent years.

It is this familiarity with the BAe 146
that has persuaded Avmax to acquire the two aircraft for operation by Regional
1 Airlines. Don Parkin, Executive Vice President of Avmax stated: "We have
always liked the BAe 146 airframe and admired the aircraft's capabilities and
we know that it will be a very useful acquisition for Regional 1 Airlines."

Regional 1 provides charter and ACMI
(aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) services both within Canada and
internationally using its current fleet of turboprop and jet aircraft.

Steve Doughty, Senior Vice President Sales
and Marketing for BAE Systems Asset Management said today: "We would like to
pay tribute to Avmax for their years of service in supporting and maintaining
the BAe 146 fleet in Canada and wider North America and in helping us to place
aircraft with many different customers. We are delighted that they have chosen
the aircraft for their own Regional 1 Airline operation."



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