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B.C. government, AIAC Pacific to boost B.C. aerospace

April 9, 2014, Sidney, B.C. - Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance and Teresa Wat, Minister of International Trade have announced a $1 million partnership project with the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada’s Pacific division (AIAC Pacific) to build and develop the aerospace industry in British Columbia.

April 9, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

Led by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour, the partnership is aligned with the B.C. government’s 2014 budget commitment to invest $5 million over five years to support a unified provincial aerospace cluster.
“The $1 million dollar commitment we’re making today for AIAC’s Pacific Partnership Program is money well spent,” said Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour. “We’re excited to see B.C.’s aerospace industry become a leader worldwide. The growth will have a significant effect on the province’s economy and lead to stable, well paying jobs for British Columbians. This is one of the main goals we set as part of the B.C. Jobs Plan.”
“With its deep-rooted local base and strong international network, the British Columbia aerospace industry is a provincial innovation leader that is poised to take advantage of unprecedented global growth opportunities in the years ahead,” said David Schellenberg, Chair of AIAC Pacific.
“The government’s investment in our industry will not only help us accelerate that growth, but it will also provide tremendous benefits to British Columbia’s workers, tax payers and economy.”
The project has five specific activities:
1.                   An economic impact analysis of the B.C. aerospace industry;
2.                   Maximizing B.C. participation in AIAC’s coordination of Western Canadian aerospace initiatives;
3.                   Maximizing B.C. participation in and benefit from key federal funding and program opportunities, including the national supply chain initiative, national research and technology network, and the technology demonstrator program;
4.                   A series of activities to expand international trade opportunities for B.C. aerospace companies; and
5.                   The creation of a multi-year strategy for the development of a unified, globally connected B.C. aerospace industry.
During the implementation of the project, AIAC Pacific will be closely aligning its efforts with the work AIAC is doing at the national level to promote the competitiveness of the Canadian aerospace industry.
“Over the past two years, AIAC has worked closely with the federal government to implement key initiatives that are improving the competitiveness of Canadian aerospace companies domestically and around the world,” Schellenberg said. “Today’s announcement will allow us to leverage federal programs and initiatives in support of B.C. companies, helping them to develop new technologies, expand their global reach, and become more competitive.”


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