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B.C.s Anderson Air aspires to better in-flight communication

July 29, 2011, Atlanta, Ga. - EMS Aviation, a division of mobile connectivity leader, EMS Technologies, Inc. announced Monday that Vancouver, British Columbia-based Anderson Air has selected the Aspire 200 LG airborne communications system for its Cessna Sovereign aircraft. Anderson Air operates the aircraft for a Canadian company.

July 29, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

“Interest in our Aspire product line from aircraft operators, OEMs and our dealer network continues to ramp-up,” said John Jarrell, Vice President and General Manager, EMS Aviation.
“EMS has been delivering satellite communications systems for more than 20 years, and in that time we’ve learned that flexibility, ease of installation and ability to upgrade are what drive system selection. We are extremely pleased to work with Anderson Air to provide their customer with our best-in-class in-flight connectivity system.”

The Aspire 200 system, to be installed in Anderson Air’s Cessna Sovereign aircraft, includes a CNX® 200 Network Accelerator and is designed to deliver feature-rich voice and data connectivity to owners and operators of small- and medium-sized business aircraft. Key features of the Aspire system include standard wiring configuration and interfaces that support either Iridium or Inmarsat components. Operators can easily upgrade systems without rewiring the cabin or changing out the avionics racks. The system can be upgraded by exchanging the Aspire CSU Iridium (voice and low-speed data) transceiver for the Inmarsat HDU (voice and high-speed data) transceiver, and also by adding a higher gain Inmarsat antenna. Aspire’s Inmarsat system data rates run from up to 200 kbps with a low-gain antenna, to 330 kbps with an intermediate-gain antenna and 432 kbps with a high-gain antenna.

“Connectivity has become an essential part of our flight operations, and passengers expect to be able to make a call and have Internet access while in-flight,” says General Manager David Anderson, Anderson Air. “In this particular case, the company flies regularly to South America and Europe, and needs voice and data contact during the long flights. We selected the Aspire solution because it fits our own and our customer’s requirements and it also offers an easy upgrade path to even greater bandwidth if needed.”



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