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BAFA receives qualification for Mechtronix Trainer

Nov. 4, 2009, Montreal, CNW/Telbec - Mechtronix Systems, a division of Mechtronix World Corp., today announced the successful certification of the Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) recently installed at Ben Air Flight Academy (BAFA).

November 4, 2009  By Carey Fredericks

Nov. 4, 2009, Montreal, CNW Telbec – Mechtronix Systems, a division of Mechtronix World Corp., today announced the successful certification of the
Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) recently installed at Ben Air Flight Academy (BAFA). The unit, located at Antwerp in Belgium,
is configured as a large twin-engine jet aircraft and has been certified FNPT II MCC under EASA regulation by the Service Public
Fédéral Mobilité et Transport; it will also be used for Phase 2 of the MPL Program.


The Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) is equipped with a conversion kit to
commercial turboprop and fully functional FMS, EFIS, TCAS, EGPWS,
weather radar, and offers exceptional Full Flight Simulator comparable
visual system fidelity featuring a 180 degrees Field of View. These
features will allow students to familiarize themselves with the
automated flight deck as well as the performance and speeds of today's
modern jet aircraft.

"The Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM), our second Mechtronix' unit, is the
ideal tool to prepare our students to the jet environment", stated Mr. Marc Kegelaers,
CEO of BAFA. "While training for MCC, they will get familiar with
modern automated jet environments. Mechtronix' Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM)
is the best device we have found available on the market to introduce
the EFIS environment and the functionalities of the FMS. This is a
considerable advantage to our students and our academy as our pilots
will be more knowledgeable and proficient, while we are maximizing our
price/training capability ratio".


"We are honored to be once again associated to BAFA", said
Mechtronix' President and COO Mr. Xavier Hervé. "The Ascent(R) XJ
Trainer(TM) is a clever choice for any training organization that
wishes to bridge the gap between general and commercial aviation. We
have based this trainer on advanced systems developed through building
Full Flight Simulators and we have packaged them in a flight training
device. As a result, the end user is training on a device that has the
same fidelity as a full flight when it comes to avionics and systems.
Another example of the quality of the XJ is that it is fitted with the
same Image Generator as the one in our full flights, which brings an
unmatched image quality for a FTD. We trust BAFA will attract the new
generation of pilots with this high quality training device".


About Ben Air Flight Academy (BAFA)


With its headquarters at Antwerp
International Airport and flight operations at Ostend International
Airport, the Ben Air Flight Academy (BAFA) is a Flight Training
Organization recognized by the Belgian CAA. Airline Transport Pilots,
Professional Pilots, Flight Instructors and Private Pilots are all
trained at BAFA. BAFA combines over 25 years of experience in training
professional pilots with a modern, dynamic and professional approach.
Backed by the Investment Company FinCo, BAFA has embarked on an
ambitious investment program which so far has lead to the purchase of
nine "all Glass Cockpit" trainer aircraft, an Ascent(R) FNPTII flight
Simulator and now the Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM). As a result, BAFA has
grown to become the leading Flight Training Organization on the Belgian
market. The many former BAFA trainees who have in the meantime
developed careers as
commercial aviation pilots are now employed by all the Belgian airline
companies and many foreign ones including Brussels Airlines, DHL, Jetair Flight, Thomas Cook, TNT, VLM, Ryanair, EasyJet, Tyrolean, Flying Group, ASL and others. For more information, please visit


About Mechtronix Systems Inc.


Mechtronix Systems Inc. (Mechtronix Systems), a division of MWC,
specializes in the design and manufacturing of Flight Simulation
Training Devices for general, business and commercial aviation. Fuelled
by 20+ years of passion and dedication, we belong to the top-three of
the global flight simulation and training market with a presence in
America, Europe and Asia. Based in Montreal,
Mechtronix Systems offers a full range of products from full flight
simulators to flight training devices, setting new industry standards
for higher fidelity, reliability, cost efficiency and safety. To
support our worldwide customers that include major airlines, training
centers and training organizations, we have technical support centers
strategically located around the globe. To learn more, visit

For further information: Ben Air Flight Academy: Marc Kegelaers, CEO, +32 3 280 47 00,; Mechtronix Systems: Adeline Gautier, Marketing Director, (514) 342-0800,


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