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Becker’s intercom and audio panel system

Oct. 21, 2009, Orlando – Becker Avionics’ Digital Intercom and Audio Selector Panel System, DVCS 6100,has been installed in a broad range of turboprop aircraft platforms.

October 21, 2009  By Administrator

Oct. 21, 2009, Orlando – Becker Avionics’ Digital Intercom and Audio
Selector Panel System, DVCS 6100, has set the standard for
professional audio and intercom systems for turboprop aircraft. The system has been installed in a broad range of turboprop aircraft platforms from; Pilatus PC9 and PC12, Hawker-Beechcraft KingAir 350, over Dornier 228, DeHaviland DHC-5 Buffalo, Dash-8, CN235, Xian MA-600, up to the Lockheed C-130.

The DVCS 6100 is the bestseller in digital audio and intercom systems in the Part 23 and 25 Turboprop Aircraft, as well as Commercial Helicopter markets. The system provides the possibility to match a wide range of operational requirements with only one system. The scalability and flexibility reduces not only the cost and time requirements for constant re-engineering and certification in the case of tailored system solutions, but also reduces the learning curve for integration, maintenance and troubleshooting time. Through software programming options, the system is both easily and quickly configurable to individual requirements, thus saving time and money.

With its flexible and open system architecture, operational comfort and superior voice quality, almost any customer requirement can be met. In addition, the Becker Avionics’ DVCS 6100 provides an optional Cabin Intercommunication and Passenger Address system, consisting of the Control Panel CP3100, External Jack Box EB3100, Intercom Amplifier IC3100, Public Address Amplifier PA3100, Converter Box CB 3100, Service Station ST3100, and Digital Player DP 4100. It easily integrates all communications in the aircraft and provides flexible user-programmable configurations.

Becker Avionics focuses on meeting individual requirements with the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Its avionics solutions can help transform today’s legacy platforms into the platform of tomorrow. Upgrading the old style analog audio systems of any Part 23 and 25 turboprop aircraft with the state-of-the-art digital DVCS 6100 will enhance the effectiveness of any aerial platform. When compared to a legacy analog audio system, digital technology provides simplified installation, improved performance, reduced wiring and weight, along with reduced installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the comprehensive built-in-test (BIT) of the DVCS 6100 enables line maintenance crews to easily diagnose/isolate failures and replace system components quickly.


No matter the mission; from passenger transport, surveillance or transporting cargo, upgrading and extending the service life of these critical aircraft assets will ensure their effectiveness well into the future.


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