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BizAv economic impacts show increase: CBAA study

Canadian companies and communities continue to rely on non-scheduled business aviation to provide essential access and increase productivity, according to the Canadian Business Aviation Association’s (CBAA) 2017 Economic Impact of Business Aviation report.

October 24, 2017  By CBAA

With a total annual economic output of $12.1 billion, tax contributions of about $900 million, and employment levels of over 47,000, business aviation ranks as a critical industry as both a direct employer, and also as a catalyst that empowers community access and Canadian corporate success world-wide.

The 2017 data show an across-the-board increase compared with the 2016 study, attributed to gains in employment in BA manufacturing and new Statistics Canada calculations which indicate that each full-time job in business aviation generates more in GDP and economic output than was calculated in previous years.

“Our latest numbers show how business aviation is at the centre of economic opportunity anywhere companies and communities need to connect” said president and CEO of the CBAA, Rudy Toering. “We also have ample evidence that proves that Canadian companies that use business aviation outperform those that don’t. We intend to use the findings in the report to inform and educate politicians, civil servants and business leaders across Canada and internationally. Members are encouraged to support CBAA’s efforts by talking to their local leaders and politicians directly.

“There are many sectors vying for the government’s eyes and ears. We need to do everything possible to make sure they are focussed on business aviation – and nothing gets an MP’s attention like a voter.” said Toering.


“We have a number of tools to help members talk up BA in their own communities. We can help set up meetings with MPs, draft letters and submissions, prepare press releases – whatever our members ask for.”

The full report, which includes operational and manufacturing data, a 10-year market forecast, data breakout by province, 13 case studies and more, is available for download here.


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