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BJAC and Air Data mark new advancement in air purity

Sept. 1, 2009, Montreal - BJAC Services has announced its second JetAir™ Bio-Protection System installation in a Bombardier Global XRS.

September 1, 2009  By Carey Fredericks

Sept. 1, 2009, Montreal – BJAC Services, a leader in Worldwide Completion Management Services and Avionic System Integration Specialists, has announced its second JetAir™ Bio-Protection System (BPS)  installation in a Bombardier Global XRS. BJAC Services leadership role with this innovative technology commenced June 2006 in partnership with Air Data. This distribution and installation agreement allows BJAC and its JetAir™ BPS to be installed on the Bombardier Global Express line of business jet aircraft.

The certified JetAir™ BPS provides a significant advance in airplane air purity, protecting both passengers and crew from a wide range of air contaminants, both biological and chemical. The BPS system is derived from patented "cold plasma ionic interaction" technology as pioneered in space and used today on the International Space Station. Strong interest in the Bio-Protection System from the VIP-aircraft sector provides proof that aircraft operators are interested in taking precautions to minimize vulnerability of their passengers and crew to cross-infection. The JetAir™ BPS helps reduce severe pandemic threats such as SARS, avian flu and even hostile agents such as anthrax.

President Bryan Landry of BJAC Services states, “Everyone who flies has a personal stake in cabin air quality, and given the rapidly growing level of interest now, is it the ideal time to bring this technology to the forefront in the business aircraft world. We have approached our long list of global clients and all of them have shown great interest. ”

BJAC’s installation and certification experience combined with Air Data’s product innovation and cabin air quality domain permits corporate aircraft operators to experience the benefits of advanced air purification technology on a truly turnkey basis. JetAir™ systems can be installed as the aircraft undergoes initial interior completion or as a retrofit installation.


BJAC expects its initial certification to be completed by Q4 2009 presenting additional distribution channels via BJAC’s international offices. BJAC’s full Integration and Aircraft Interior Refurbishment Center positions BJAC strategically to capture the emerging European market. BJAC, along with its partners newly renovated 52,000 sq ft infrastructure, includes a brand new paint facility that meets and or exceeds today’s strict environmental requirement for clean air in the UK.

BJAC will be showcasing the JetAir™ Bio-Protection technology at the NBAA annual convention in Orlando, Florida October 20, 21, 22 2009 located at Booth 3486. It will also be at Dubai’s air show.


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