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Boeing, Air Jordanian team up on service deal

May 14, 2014, Amman, Jordan - Boeing announced today that Royal Jordanian Airlines will support its 787 Dreamliners with Boeing’s Rotable Exchange Program. Under the 10-year agreement, Boeing will supply Royal Jordanian 787s with a dedicated pool of high-value, mission-critical parts, enabling the airline to greatly reduce their inventory management costs while improving component availability.

May 14, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

A rotable part is designed to be repeatedly and economically restored to a fully serviceable condition. Under the Rotable Exchange Program, Boeing establishes and maintains a pool of parts, selected to fit each customer’s fleet needs. The customer contacts Boeing for quick replacement of program-covered parts, which are shipped within a timeframe determined by the airline, based on their criticality. Boeing handles the repair, upgrade or warranty service when the customer returns the unserviceable part.

“With Boeing’s Rotable Exchange Program, we are gaining a means of ensuring smooth introduction of our 787s while controlling costs, minimizing component maintenance time and optimizing fleet performance,” said Mr. Imadedeen Farahid, Head of Engineering and Maintenance for Royal Jordanian Airlines. “That will allow us to deliver a seamless travel experience with exceptional service for our customers.

“We are eager to run the state-of-the-art 787, which will open new heights to us,” Farahid added. “In particular, this induction to the fleet will enhance the economics of operations and boost satisfaction of our passengers, helping us serve the RJ vision to always be the airline of choice.”  

“Boeing’s Rotable Exchange Program is a simple way for airlines to reduce the total cost of airplane ownership, giving them a competitive advantage in their markets,” said Rick Anderson, vice president, Sales, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. “We look forward to supporting Royal Jordanian’s ongoing growth and expansion with this industry-leading service. We greatly value our relationship with such a deeply rooted, leading and reputable airline in the Middle East.”


The first Royal Jordanian Dreamliner assembly is now in progress at the Boeing Everett factory. To prepare to receive its new airplane, Royal Jordanian has assembled and trained a team of engineers and mechanics in coordination with Boeing.

By providing coverage for parts typically priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Rotable Exchange Program provides considerable administration, depreciation and warehousing savings for airlines while reducing their inventory purchase and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the contract.

Flag carrier Royal Jordanian has a fleet of seven 787-8s on order with plans to lease four additional airplanes.


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