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Bombardier launches CSeries


Bombardier launches CSeries

p2-angle_06_v02a_g2_hi-00-20080526-01-igk7Bombardier has announced that its Board of Directors has granted approval for the launch of the CSeries family of aircraft.

July 14, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

p2-angle_06_v02a_g2_hi-00-20080526-01-igk7July 14, 2008, Farnborough, U.K. – Bombardier has announced that its Board of Directors has granted approval for the launch of the CSeries family of aircraft, a new game-changing five-abreast commercial airliner family, with the economics, performance, environmental and passenger-oriented improvements demanded by airline customers for the next quarter century.

Entry into service is scheduled for 2013.

Launch customer, Lufthansa, a leading German airline, has signed a letter of interest (LOI) for up to 60 aircraft, including 30 options. The approximate list price of each aircraft is $46.7 million US. Additionally, discussions with a number of established airlines worldwide are progressing well.

Bombardier made the announcement at the Farnborough International Airshow during a press conference at its CSeries pavilion hosted by Pierre Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc.; Guy C. Hachey, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Aerospace and Gary R. Scott, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. Nico Buchholz, Senior Vice President, Corporate Fleet, Lufthansa attended the event as well as: David Moloney, Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Canada; Raymond Bachand, Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export, Government of Quebec; Right Honourable Shaun Woodward MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland; Arlene Foster MLA, Northern Ireland Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment; and Steve Finger, President, Pratt & Whitney. Also in attendance were representatives from the Shenyang Municipal Government, AVIC I/SACC, Rockwell Collins, Parker Hannifin Corporation, and Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS.


"Today is a great day for Bombardier, our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our suppliers. I am proud to say that we have met our business plan objectives: a technologically advanced aircraft family, a strong pipeline of orders and repayable investments with governments and agreements with key suppliers. With the latest in system technologies and aerodynamics, the CSeries family of aircraft will revolutionize the economics and network strategies for airline operations in the 100- to 149-seat commercial market. It is another example of our commitment to designing and manufacturing innovative aircraft that will ensure our continued industry leadership," said Pierre Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc.

"At Lufthansa, we are committed to a balance between commercial success, environment and business policies oriented toward sustainability," said Nico Buchholz, Senior Vice President, Corporate Fleet, Lufthansa. "Our initial evaluations of the CSeries family of aircraft and discussions with Bombardier over the last few months have evolved and made us believe that the CSeries family of aircraft clearly meets our stringent requirements for sustainable fleet development, both in terms of environmental and commercial requirements, and flexibility for the future. We are proud to be a part of its launch."

Mirabel and Saint-Laurent, Quebec; Belfast, Northern Ireland selected

Bombardier also announced that it has selected Mirabel as the final assembly location for the CSeries aircraft program. The decision was made after a rigorous comparative analysis of potential final assembly sites based on an exhaustive list of key financial and strategic criteria.
"The final assembly facility will be located in Mirabel, in the greater Montreal area, thus ensuring Bombardier's access to a skilled aerospace workforce and to an established aerospace education system," said Guy C. Hachey, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Aerospace. "Additionally, the manufacture of the aircraft's aft fuselage and cockpit will take place at our Saint-Laurent facility, near our new product development centre, home to the growing CSeries team."

Bombardier's Belfast facility, a centre of excellence for composite manufacturing, will be home to the design and manufacture of the CSeries aircraft wings.

"Our Belfast operation has close to 40 years experience in advanced composites technologies, which have been successfully applied to regional and commercial jets, including the Bombardier CRJ NextGen jets. Our highly skilled experts continue to develop technologies to take on more advanced composite structures for advanced-design aircraft such as our CSeries aircraft," added Mr. Hachey.

Repayable government investments

Bombardier has received and accepted offers of repayable investments from the governments of Canada and Quebec as well as Northern Ireland and British Government Departments. The total repayable investments will cover approximately one-third of the expected R&D costs. Bombardier will also contribute about one-third, as will key suppliers.

"The CSeries aircraft program is a compelling business proposal for both Canada and Quebec as well as Northern Ireland and British Government Departments. It involves, among other things, the development of new technology, creation of employment and further consolidation of Canada's leadership in the aerospace industry. Our partners, including governments and suppliers, will benefit from the program's success," stated Mr. Hachey.

CSeries family of aircraft
In addition to unmatched passenger comfort, the competitive 110- to 130 -seat CSeries family of aircraft will benefit from the latest technological advancements, including: increased use of composites and aluminium lithium in structures; a next-generation engine – the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan(TM); and the very latest in system technologies, such as fly-by-wire, and fourth-generation aerodynamics.

"The CSeries family offers the greenest single-aisle aircraft in its class," said Gary Scott, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. "These game-changing aircraft emit up to 20 per cent less CO2 and up to 50 per cent less NOx, fly four times quieter, and deliver dramatic energy savings – up to 20 per cent fuel burn advantage as well as up to 15 per cent improved cash operating costs versus current in-production aircraft of similar size. The CSeries aircraft will set a new benchmark in the industry, consuming as little as two liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers in its more dense seating layouts(i)."

The five-abreast CSeries aircraft family is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the 100- to 149-seat commercial aircraft market category, estimated by Bombardier at 6,300 aircraft representing more than $250 billion US revenue over the next 20 years. Bombardier expects to be able to capture up to half of this market.

Key suppliers selected

Bombardier has selected the following suppliers for the CSeries aircraft family program:
C&D Zodiac for the design and production of the aircraft's interior package, which includes the seats, interiors (including the linings, monuments, bins, galleys and lavatories), oxygen system, lighting system, insulation system, waste system and the water system;
Rockwell Collins as the supplier for the aircraft's avionics system. Tailored specifically for the CSeries aircraft, its fully integrated flight deck capability will provide flexibility, high reliability and low life cycle costs without compromise on the aircraft's performance;
Parker Hannifin Corporation, through its Aerospace Group, for the design and production of the CSeries airliner's fully integrated fuel and hydraulics systems;
Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS for the design and production of the aircraft's Air Management System, which includes the environmental control and cabin pressure control system.

All major suppliers will work with the CSeries team at Bombardier's Aerospace Product Development Centre in Saint-Laurent, Quebec starting in the fall of 2008 as part of the Joint Conceptual Definition Phase.


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