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Bombardier unveils Learjet 75 Liberty

July 3, 2019  By Wings Staff

The Learjet 75 Liberty is expected to enter service in 2020. (Photo: Bombardier)

Bombardier unveiled the Learjet 75 Liberty earmarked for light-jet operators with a list price of US$9.9 million. With first deliveries expected in 2020, the six-seat aircraft is to be manufactured in Wichita, Kansas.

The Learjet 75 Liberty will feature a flat floor throughout the cabin and an executive suite, the latter of which is described by Bombardier as unique to the light-jet category. The aircraft will also include Bombardier’s Vision flight deck and the recently announced Garmin G5000 avionics upgrade.

“The Learjet 75 Liberty represents a step up for customers in the light-jet segment, with unprecedented spaciousness and Bombardier’s renowned smooth ride,” said David Coleal, president, Bombardier Aviation.

The Learjet 75 Liberty is to hold an approximate range of 2,080 nautical miles to connect Las Vegas to New York, Seattle to Washington, D.C., and Mexico City to San Francisco, nonstop.


The executive suite aboard the six-seat Learjet 75 Liberty. (Photo: Bombardier)

Bombardier explains the Learjet 75 Liberty is certified to FAA’s more stringent Part 25 regulations, applicable to commercial airliners, unlike most competing aircraft in the light-jet category that are certified to Part 23.

“I’m extremely proud that the Learjet 75 Liberty will be built in Wichita, where the Learjet dream first took flight,” said Tonya Sudduth, VP of operations and Wichita Site, Bombardier Aviation. “Our Wichita facility today has a diverse mandate supporting Bombardier’s extensive fleet of business aircraft, but to introduce the newest member of this iconic brand is of special significance to our team.”


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