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Buttonville ‘s future in question?


Buttonville 's future in question?
Let’s not be quiet on this issue.

January 6, 2009  By Rob Seaman

Buttonville Airport announced a significant facility and infrastructure expenditure last summer. Just as work was about to begin, they learned from the GTAA that their established agreement for access and funding would be coming to a close in April, 2009. This brings the future of the airport into question for the owners/operators. In the bigger picture it also brings the spotlight once again onto the lack of funding and support for similar airports across Canada.
In response to the Buttonville issue in particular – but also the greater issue of all airports – ATAC, the CBAA, COPA and HAC – along with some strategic operators from the site – came together in December and issued a letter to Minister Baird.
For those interested in expressing their support or concern about this issue, submissions are welcome to our general email account – In the alternative you may correspond with any of the aforementioned associations. Correspondence that we receive will be forwarded to the Buttonville Airport team, ATAC, CBAA, COPA and HAC as well as Minister’s Baird and Flaherty.
Airport funding is an important issue – especially in the volatile economic world we face today. Help from federal, provincial and municipal governments will aid taxpaying Canadians in keeping their jobs today while allowing expansion, development and implementation of hard and soft goods and services into the greater aviation community – further driving economic and industry wide benefits.
Let’s not be quiet on this issue – especially as our elected officials are currently deciding how the funding our national best interests will proceed in the coming months.



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