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CAE Global Academy to provide 150 new pilots

April 14, 2011, Montreal - CAE today announced that it has signed additional contracts through CAE's Pilot Provisioning service to provide more than 150 pilots to three airlines in Asia and Europe, as well as to the Association des Pilotes Professionels Antillo-Guyanais (APPAG), an aviation initiative sponsored by the European Commission.

April 14, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The new First Officers will be drawn from CAE Global Academy ab initio graduates and will earn their type-ratings at CAE training centres worldwide.

Lion Air, Indonesia's largest private airline, has extended its original pilot provisioning contract with CAE, which was established in 2008. Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier of Vietnam, has also renewed its contract with CAE to train additional ab initio pilot cadets. CAE also signed contracts to train ab initio pilot cadets with an undisclosed European airline and with the Association des Pilotes Professionels Antillo-Guyanais (APPAG), a European Commission aviation initiative addressing a need for pilots in the French Antilles. These contracts are in addition to the pilot provisioning contracts announced in March 2011 with the European Institute of Aviation and Business GmbH (EIAB), Saarlouis, Germany, and Omni Aviation Training Centre, Tires, Portugal.

"CAE is the global leader in training commercial aviation pilots and offers a range of solutions to help solve the shortage of qualified pilots. Matching the supply of graduates from the CAE Global Academy with demand for new flight crews creates a win-win situation for airline customers and our students," said Walter Visser, Vice President, CAE Global Academy and leader of CAE's Pilot Provisioning service and Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) programs. "Airlines such as Lion Air and Vietnam Airlines want crew members with the right mix of knowledge, skills and attitude and CAE Global Academy is recognized as a premier international flight school network."

Lion Air


The new Lion Air First Officers will be drawn from CAE Global Academy graduates in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium and Evora, Portugal. Candidates will earn their type-ratings at CAE training centres in Amsterdam and Brussels.

"We have been recruiting from CAE Global Academy for some time now and are quite pleased with the quality of pilots we are meeting and hiring," said Captain Ertata Lananggalih, Production Director for Lion Air. "CAE pilots are well-prepared, high-achieving individuals who are motivated to fly the line. CAE Global Academy is definitely a good place to start training for your pilot career."

Vietnam Airlines

The Vietnam Airlines training program at CAE Global Academy Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona, USA, includes flight training leading to a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). They will then join the airline as First Officers.

"We are very satisfied with the quality of training provided at CAE Global Academy and are pleased to extend the agreement to address the airline's growing pilot needs," said Dr. Pham Ngoc Minh, president and CEO of Vietnam Airlines. "The CAE program is flexible and tailored to our specific needs, while assuring the highest international standards in training are met."

Association des Pilotes Professionels Antillo-Guyanais (APPAG)

CAE's contract with APPAG is to train ab initio pilot cadets at CAE Global Academy Phoenix and CAE Global Academy Brussels. The cadets will be trained to European aviation standards. Upon successful completion of their pilot licenses and type-ratings, the cadets will have access to CAE Pilot Placement services to be offered First Officer pilot jobs with a number of airlines which CAE is assisting in the selection and training process.

"The ab initio pilot training program for students from the French Antilles is part of a European Commission-supported initiative designed to enable young people from overseas French territories to pursue professional aviation careers," said Lucien Plaisance, President of APPAG. "The CAE Global Academy campuses in Belgium and the United States provide an excellent combination of theoretical and practical training together with global best practices for flight training."


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