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CAE’s announces MPL results with AirAsia

CAE announced today at the 2017 International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) that the first nine AirAsia-sponsored CAE Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL) cadets, who have graduated in 2011 and who have since been flying as first officers on the airline's Airbus A320, are now flying as Captains. The cadets celebrated this key milestone in May 2017.

June 6, 2017  By CAE

In 2010, CAE introduced the MPL training program with AirAsia as a launch customer, complementing the offering in training paths and programs for cadets. The curriculum’s objective was to deliver a competency-based training program that provides airlines with pilots who are validated to safely and efficiently operate a modern multi-crew, multi-engine, turbine powered commercial transport aircraft in all expected operational environments.

“The MPL program fueled discussions within the industry. Innovative and forward-thinking, it challenged conventional beliefs and ideas,” acknowledged Nick Leontidis, CAE group president, Civil Aviation Training Solutions. “The program is still evolving and we are constantly improving it, but six years later, with these first cadets now flying as captains for AirAsia, I think it’s fair to say that it is indeed a great success.”

CAE MPL programs feature a blended training methodology, a rigorous cadet selection process, an emphasis on crew resource management and threat/error management, and airline operating procedures throughout.

“Our first MPL cohort is very talented and we are very proud of their accomplishment, today flying as AirAsia Captains,” said Tony Fernandes, group chief executive officer of AirAsia. “As our long-standing partner, CAE has been at the forefront of pilot training trends, supporting and adapting training programs to our pilot training needs and helping us develop our future pilots. We look forward to further successful collaborations long into the future”.


“This success story reinforces our promise to support our airline partner in the creation of professional pilots and highlights our dedication to effectively train and prepare cadets as they begin their careers with commercial airlines,” said Nick Leontidis.

Since 2010, more than 85 AirAsia cadets have been training through the MPL program. All four phases of the MPL training program are conducted in Malaysia, including at the Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence (AACE), a CAE-AirAsia joint venture training facility located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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